About Us

Wanli Catering Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 to provide various design services for residential and commercial projects. We are a cooperative practice, committed to creating innovative design projects for customers and creating an excellent environment. The company adheres to “providing customers with the best quality service in the shortest time and the most economical resources.” is the highest business philosophy and the greatest achievement.

Catering decoration engineering is professional, honest, efficient and fast
ProfessionSpecial long two-year maintenance period, quality assurance.
HonestyContract-based, never sit down and start the price.
FastThe senior team will start the project within 24 hours as soon as possible.
EfficientOne-stop professional catering project for decoration, license application and steel furniture and furniture customization.

Company service overview

Application for light snack restaurant license, general restaurant license, factory canteen license, bakery restaurant license, food factory license, fresh provision shop license, frozen dessert factory license, dairy factory license, siu mei and lo mei shop license , Herbal Tea Permit, Restricted Food Sale Permit, Reheating License, Food Business License/Permit.

Other licenses and works

Club license, guesthouse/hotel license, karaoke establishment license, liquor license application on behalf of customers, change of plans, processing of name change and related supporting documents UBW certificate.

Customized steel and woodware

Customized steel and woodware
FloorFurniture such as dining table, dining chair, card slot, wooden cabinet, countertop, sofa and cashier
KitchenSteel table, appliances, shelves, hoods, sinks, cupboards, tables, heat sterilization tank
water heaters, stoves single, double furnace, gas furnace, boring surfaces, pots balls, stainless steel table
legs and other furniture .

Refrigerators and refrigerators of various sizes can be customized according to the space needs, including: six-door high-height refrigerator, four-door high-height refrigerator, two-door high-height refrigerator, workbench refrigerator, glass-door refrigerator and hanging refrigerator Wait.