The restaurant decoration work cases of Wanli Catering Engineering Consultants have exceeded 200, covering shopping malls and properties under Cheung Kong, Sun Hung Kai, New World, Henderson, MTR, Airport and Link, and have established good relationships with each other. Wanli not only understands the requirements of various types of restaurant decoration projects, but is also familiar with the conditions and approval procedures for applying for food and beverage licenses, providing an excellent one-stop master plan for catering entrepreneurs and chain restaurants.

Takeaway snack shop (200 square feet or more is recommended)

Featured snack shops:

  • The store area is small, and it is difficult to accommodate a large number of equipment at the same time.
  • Need to carefully plan space usage and storage arrangements.

Engineering plan:

  • Dispatch general practitioners to complete the work efficiently with minimal manpower and time.
  • Custom-made steel appliances, furnishings make good use of space and increase storage locations.

Food and Beverage License Application:

Food factory, frozen dessert factory or bakery shop (note: takeaway shop has no seats).

Restaurant Project Budget: Approximately HKD$250,000
Food License Application: Approximately HKD$20,000

Café and light food shop (over 600 square feet is recommended)

Store features:

  • Mainly pursuing a simple style, the decoration cost is lower than that of ordinary restaurants, and entrepreneurs can better control costs.
  • Some of them are upstairs cafes or light food shops located in commercial buildings, and they must comply with the licensing regulations and the requirements of the Lands Department for the relevant food and beverage license application.

Restaurant engineering scheme:

  • Provide tailor-made steel furniture and furniture, from measuring scale, drawing to production, even if the budget of the catering project is limited, it can build an ideal light food restaurant.
  • Wanli uses professional engineering experience to ensure that the project meets the licensing requirements of fire protection, building and even various departments.

Food and Beverage License Application:

  • It is suitable for applying for a light refreshment restaurant license, and dine-in seats are available.

Restaurant project budget: Approximately HKD$800,000
Food and Beverage License Application: Approximately HKD$30,000

Restaurants and hot pot restaurants (over 1,000 square feet is recommended).

Shop features:

  • Must apply for a general restaurant license and meet the high-standard licensing requirements.
  • Depending on the type of restaurant, the restaurant’s ventilation and fire-fighting systems are particularly important.

Restaurant engineering scheme:

  • Wanli will inspect the store environment on-site, inspect the water and electricity supply and ventilation system, and make professional planning and decoration projects that meet the strict licensing requirements for wind, fire, water and electricity.
  • The restaurant project is connected to the requirements for food and beverage license applications, and qualified persons will test and issue certificates, and follow up the approval and licensing status of various government departments throughout the process.

Food and Beverage License Application:

  • Apply for general restaurant licenses, liquor licenses, etc.

Restaurant project budget: about HKD$ 100,000

Food and Beverage License Application: Approximately HKD$40,000

Food workshops and others (over 500 square feet is recommended)

Shop features:

  • Mostly located in industrial buildings, the water supply, power supply, and ventilation system must be carefully inspected;
  • The decoration is practical first, and the threshold is generally low.

Restaurant engineering scheme:

  • From a professional engineering perspective, Wanli provides free assessments, instant restaurant decoration quotations and comprehensive engineering solutions.
  • Huaye has set up its own steel factory, tailor-made large-scale stainless steel kitchen steel tools, kitchen cabinets and kitchen steel tables, etc., one-stop measuring ruler, drawing and manufacturing, real materials, affordable prices, and the fastest delivery within 7 days.

Food and Beverage License Application:

Licences for food factories, frozen dessert factories, etc.

Restaurant project budget: Approximately HKD$400,000
Food and Beverage License Application: Approximately HKD$20,000